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Baron's Diary
Baron's Diary

We all have a special power called LOVE that can make the world a better place!This is a story full of sorrow about a young person committing murder. But the main purpose is to encourage people to spread more love and concern to those who surround us.

Story / Illustrations by Huichi Cheng

I hope that we can share our own love power to those who need it as more as we can.

Sometimes we all forgot we have this special power that can truly help others. So I put a heart-shaped cardboard under the cover page and written love power which means all the readers get a special power and they can help anyone they want. At the end of the book, there is a heart-shaped place that the readers can fit the paper board they got. That means they use the power to help Baron but what written on that page is “You use the love power but nothing happened. Baron has already dead. Try to use it on others who need it. ” Therefore it can remind the readers that they still have the power even they finished reading the storybook and it’s not just a story it is what really happened in our life.

The feature of this book is the complicated structure. It can be opened in different directions which means to investigate and explore what’s hidden inside Baron’s heart. The purpose of this work is to arouse readers to share their own love and help those in need and to prevent this kind of event happened again.


Picture books

Wutz Mutz          Willy and Rocko        Baron’s Diary

My name is Huichi. I am an Illustrator from Taiwan. I hope I can share love and happiness with you through my works 🙂