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The Lucky Tiger

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Potato Dogs and Chuchu Bird

oh oh… Chuchu… it’s an orange turtle!! 

I think we should be friends with him so he won’t eat us!!

“Chuchu, which way are we going?”
“Potato, where do you want to go?”
“I don’t know actually.”
“Then the answer is not important anymore!”
“As long as I can be with you:)” <3

“Who is in the cave? 

There is a sound coming out!

is it a ghost?? >0<“

“no It’s the echo of your voice I think! :0”

Don’t be scared Chuchu!

I’ll protect you while you are sleeping :)

A comfy spot

A soft hill

The restriction has been lifted but I feel like my heart is still confined. If you feel the same, snuggle into a warm bed, let us be with each other in our dreams. ^^ soon we can see our dearest friends and soon everything will be ok. Cheers.^^ (๑•̀ㅂ•́๑)

There’s a kind of company which has no words needed. I’ll find you and shin for you in your darkness, warm you up and let you know that you’re not alone. And make you smile again :) ❤️
Meet Mushroom Potato brothers!! ^^
Their mission is finding some lost fellows in the rain and be their shelter so they can have a nice rest^^ 🙂 ❤

Lovely Animals and plants

🎨Customized Drawing🖌️
French bulldog Hao with piggy Shan❤️🐷
The happiest thing in the world is to lounge on a sofa with you and no need to do anything~💞

Picture Books


Wutz is a little pig who lives on a farm. One day he woke up in the morning. “Puhhhh! Hustschi!!!” Oh no, he got sick!! It sounds like an emergency!
“We have to do something with your trunk so that the other animals don’t wake up sick tomorrow too.” said the cow.  But then there’s a big problem– other animals are going to panic! Mutz is smart. He’s got a brilliant idea!

The story was written by Sissi Schneider. Illustrated by Huichi Cheng.

German edition

First published in SEP. 2020

Willy and Rocko
Willy Gets Hurt

Willy and Rocko are two delightful squirrels. They are brothers who live in a big tress. One day Willy hurt himself out of carelessness.  But it’s going to be ok!! Because Rocko has a lovely way to comfort his brother. They love each other and their lives in the forest. 

lovely story by Dan and Colin Ness. Illustrations by Huichi Cheng

Baron's Diary

We all have a special power called LOVE that can make the world a better place! This is a story full of sorrow about a young person committing murder. But the main purpose is to encourage people to spread more love and concern to those who surround us.

Story / Illustrations by Huichi Cheng

My name is Huichi. I am an Illustrator from Taiwan. I hope I can share love and happiness with you through my works :-)